Article: Prediabetes: A Time Bomb We Can Defuse

Publié le 04/06/2024

By Marc Dellière

Prediabetes is a major public health problem, affecting one in three people in the United States and around 720 million people worldwide. It is defined by slightly elevated blood sugar levels, but not high enough to be considered diabetes.

Every year, around 10% of people with prediabetes develop diabetes. In addition, prediabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

Adopting intensive lifestyle changes, such as eating less and better, exercising more (150 minutes a week), monitoring yourself regularly and getting adequate support, significantly reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

- These changes can include a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruit, lean proteins and whole grains, as well as reducing consumption of sugars and saturated fats.

- Regular exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming or cycling, not only helps control weight but also improves insulin sensitivity.

- Monitoring yourself involves regularly checking blood glucose levels and other relevant health parameters.

- Support can come from health professionals, community programs, online support groups or loved ones, which is important for maintaining motivation and perseverance.

Such a lifestyle modification program can prevent around 6 cases of diabetes per 100 people per year, demonstrating its substantial effectiveness in the management and prevention of pre-diabetes.

Metformin can also help, although it is less effective than lifestyle changes. This drug is particularly beneficial for certain people, such as women who have had gestational diabetes or young people with a high BMI and high blood sugar levels.

Prediabetes is a critical stage where interventions can prevent progression to diabetes and reduce the risk of heart disease and mortality. Priority should be given to lifestyle modifications, which have been shown to be more effective than metformin for most people.

By detecting prediabetes early and encouraging healthy lifestyle habits, we can significantly reduce the public health burden of this condition.

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