Publié le 12/12/2017

Lactoferrin is a protein with high iron-binding capacity, which provides multiple benefits ranging from immune health, oral hygiene, gut health and skin care.

Choosing Prodiet® Lactoferrin is choosing:

  • the highest purity on the market (>95%)
  • a native (non-denatured) lactoferrin directly produced from our fresh, premium French milk
  • a gentle process, for preserved structure and functionalities

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The use of Prodiet® Lactoferrin in products intended to strengthen immune defenses. For example, Prodiet® Lactoferrin helps to improve oral health, as studies have shown that it can inhibit dental plaque formation in two ways :

  • by inhibiting the growth of bacteria responsible for dental plaque formation
  • by limiting the attachment of dental plaque to the surface of the teeth

Feel free to reach out for more information about Prodiet® Lactoferrin or our new lactoferrin chewing gum concept, designed to promote good oral health.

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