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Lactium® is a unique, natural and effective solution to help your pet cope with stress-related symptoms
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Stress affects their health

Stress is not a disease but a natural response to a stimulus. Stimulus means a stressor, and stress is the state caused by the stimulus. It is a natural and unavoidable reaction to the daily tension and pressure that our animals may feel.

Cats and dogs are animals that are stressed by changes in daily routine, changes in territory (travel, boarding, visits to the vet, moving house...), or by new social interactions (newborn, new pet). Long-term anxiety can also have an impact on the animal's immune system and lead to an increase in cortisol release. This can lead to the development of chronic diseases. Furthermore, when stress is not well managed or is unavoidable, instability is generated and stress-related disorders appear such as behaviour disorders, gastrointestinal or skin disorders...

Physical activity could be a solution to reduce stress and its symptoms, but animals do not always have the opportunity to do so, especially those living in a flat or alone during the day. Natural and unique solutions to help your pet overcome anxiety and its symptoms are available. It supports your pets in keeping calm.
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Lactium®, a unique and natural response to stress management

As with humans, an animal must have a good balance between natural stress that helps them react to life's challenges and excessive stress that triggers or worsens disorders. Anxiety can have an impact on :
Gastrointestinal disorders (e.g. diarrheas)
Elimination issues (e.g. feline idiopathic cystitis)
Eating disorders (e.g. loss of appetite)
Adjustment difficulties, leading to behavioral problems
Skin issues (such as alopecia from overgrooming
Immunity weakening
Lactium® is a milk protein hydrolysate that contains a bioactive decapeptide with calming properties, a-casozepine. This unique and natural ingredient is used in pet food and complementary feed. It was discovered by Ingredia in collaboration with the University of Nancy and has been helping animals such as dogs and cats to reduce stress-related symptoms for over 15 years. Thanks to its mechanism of action in the central nervous system, Lactium® reduces stress-related symptoms. It has demonstrated the same effects as molecules acting on the benzodiazepine (BZD) site of the GABAA receptor in the brain.

Lactium® helps your pet to handle stressful situations, whether chronic or acute, and can be administered in addition to behavioural therapy. In the case of acute stress, it should ideally be administered 2 to 3 days before the stressful event for a faster effect.

Present in several pet food and complementary feed products on the market, Lactium® is natural, has no side effects, and is safe for your pet.
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A clinically proven natural ingredient

Lactium® was discovered by observing the calm state in which infants find themselves after drinking milk. This ingredient is the result of more than 10 years of R&D, and its efficacy in dogs, cats and horses is proven by 5 clinical studies !
Lactium® reduces anxiety symptoms in dogs and helps them stay calm
15 mg/kg of Lactium® by oral intake – 56 days - 38 anxious dogs
Graphique sur l'anxiété des chiens
Comparative study between Lactium® and selegiline.
Evaluation of the dogs' anxiety using the EDED (Emotional Disorders Evaluation in Dogs) score.
Anxiety is improved with both treatments:
- EDED score is decreased indicating improvement in emotional disorders
- The owner notes an improvement in the dog's health and well-being

Selegiline is a medical compound used in the treatment of anxiety-related behavioural disorders.
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Lactium® reduces cortisol secretion in dogs
Graphique sur la sécrétion de cortisol pour les chiens
Mean of UCCR in control and study diet fed dogs, before and after stressful event. *p=0.04 Post stressor UCCR control vs post stressor UCCR study group.
The increase in cortisol levels induced by a stressor (e.g visit to the veterinary practice) is significantly lower in the study group Lactium® than in the control group.
Lactium® decreases cortisol secretion after a stressful event, and may therefore reduce stress-related symptoms in dogs.
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Lactium® reduces anxiety symptoms in cats
graphique démontrant le pourcentage de chats sans symptôme d'anxiété avec Lactium
Feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC) is the most common cause of urinary tract disease in cats. Stress is one of the risk factors for recurrence of this disease.
There was a significant reduction in recurrent episodes of FIC in the group fed a therapeutic diet with Lactium®.
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For dogs and cats:
15 mg/kg
body weight
Lactium® is also used for other animals such as horses, rodents, birds, …

Galenic forms

Easily incorporated into dry or wet pet food and complementary feed products. Lactium® can be found in a range of products for your pet
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Lactium®, a natural and certified ingredient

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Less than 1mg of lactose for a 10kg dog
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