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Pep2Dia®, a patented bioactive ingredient that helps regulate blood sugar levels after meals
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Help your pet maintain healthy blood sugar levels

Diabetes prevalence in pets is rising, following the rise of obesity. US observations showed cat diabetes' prevalence increased 15-fold between 1970 and 1999¹.

Diabetes is a well-known disease in humans, especially in recent years when the number of people affected has increased due to our increasingly sugary western diets. This chronic and non-reversible disease also affects our pets (dogs, cats, equines...), and more specifically animals aged between 6 and 10 years. With overweight, genetics, age or high blood pressure, glycaemic health can become progressively dysregulated, with a risk of developing diabetes in the long term. This can lead to serious health consequences such as weight loss, decreased appetite, cataracts (especially in dogs), increased water consumption, etc. A healthy lifestyle is the first line of defence against these blood sugar disorders. Watching your pet's weight, giving it a balanced diet and encouraging it to exercise regularly will help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. With Pep2Dia, there is now an additional aid to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.
¹Marie Sallander et al, 2012
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Pep2Dia®, a patented bioactive ingredient that helps regulate blood sugar levels after meals

Milk products’ consumption has long been known to help maintain a healthy glycemic health of our body. Seeking to understand which milk components could be involved, French researchers from University of La Rochelle (CNRS) and Ingredia have partnered to isolate an active alanine-proline dipeptide, with an inhibitor effect on α-glucosidase enzyme.
Alpha-glucosidase enzyme acts in the intestinal tract and has a mission of breaking down complex carbohydrates contained in food into glucose. By inhibiting this enzyme’s action, carbohydrates’ transformation into glucose is slowed down, which limits the increase of blood sugar levels (or glycemia) after meals. This helps relieve the body from the fatigue of managing blood sugar levels peaks and drops, and helps curb cravings.

Pep2Dia® is a unique and patented whey protein hydrolysate, containing the AP bioactive dipeptide. Clinical studies have shown its ability to regulate blood sugar levels after meals. Pep2Dia® is an easy, everyday solution for pet owners who want to take care of their pet's blood sugar health through supplementation. This ingredient is suitable for dogs, cats, equines …

Pep2Dia®, a soluble protein hydrolysate made in France

This soluble protein hydrolysate has been manufactured in France in our Saint-pol-sur-ternoise factory since 2017. The raw material comes from our dairy cooperative, which is committed to the environment and advocates milk proteins made in France.

Give your dog or cat quality ingredients combined with a balanced diet!

Did you know?

  • Diabetes is usually a chronic and irreversible disease. However, cat’s diabetes is reversible : with correct medical and nutritional care a cat can return to healthy glycemia. There’s no diabetes reversion in dogs.
  • Different factors can increase the risk for dog to develop diabetes :

    • Body condition: Overweight or obese dog
    • Age: Diabetes can be developed at any age, but the peak is reached at 8 years old.
    • Gender: Female dog
    • Breed: Some breeds are most at risk especially small dog (Samoyeds, miniature schnauzers or bichon frise)
    • Diet: Dry food
    • Other factors as hormonal abnormalities or stress
  • Different factors can increase the risk for cat to develop diabetes :

    • Body condition: Overweight or obese cats
    • Age: Older cats
    • Gender: Male cats
    • Breed: Such as Norwegian forest, Burmes ...
    • Diet: Dry food
    • Diseases: Chronic pancreatitis or hyperthyroidism, and medications such as corticosteroids, may also make cats more prone to develop diabetes.
    • Indoor confinement: Physical inactivity

Scientifically proven effectiveness

Pre-clinical and clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of Pep2Dia® in reducing blood sugar levels after meals.
Proven effect in reducing blood sugar levels
graph showing sugar reduction with Pep2Dia
Pep2dia® induces a significant decrease in blood glucose levels after a sugar dose compared to vehicle.
Pep2Dia® increases the secretion of GLP-1
Graphique démontrant l'augmentation de la sécrétion
Pep2Dia® increases the secretion of GLP-1 for better blood sugar management.
GLP-1 is a hormone secreted by the body that helps us regulate our glucose homeostasis.

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Pep2dia®, a natural and certified ingredient

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