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Ingredia Nutritional develops and manufactures high-quality ingredients for the health and nutrition industry.
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For over 20 years, Ingredia Nutritional has been developing and manufacturing unique and natural ingredients for the health and nutrition industry.

Our ingredients are internationally recognized in more than 90 countries for their health benefits and are scientifically proven through clinical and pre-clinical studies.

The quality of our ingredients is recognized in Asia, America and Europe thanks to our French know-how. Our cooperative group located in Hauts-De-France puts tradition and terroir at the service of innovation to offer active ingredients that bring real added value to our customers' finished products.

Ingredia Nutritional's scientific team assists you in the formulation of your finished products and advises you in order to optimize the effects of our ingredients.

We provide our clients with quality ingredients that are part of a pioneering environmental approach and follow the objectives of sustainable development to ensure a prosperous future in the service of a healthy planet.
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Innovation for unique ingredients

To offer you unique and differentiating ingredients, Ingredia allocates 10% of its staff to research and development, and collaborates with more than 30 scientific partners.

Our network extends internationally and allows us to publish 2 to 6 scientific publications and clinical studies per year, as well as to register patents and claims in Asia, Europe and America.

In addition, the R&D team has more than 1000m2 of pilot plant and 100 application tools, all located in the Hauts-De-France region, in order to meet demand and optimise our innovations!
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