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Lactium® is a unique, natural and effective solution to help consumers cope with the symptoms associated with sleep deprivation.
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Feeling stressed is the main reason why 56% of consumers have trouble sleeping at night (FMCG Gurus, 2022).
For many people, chronic or acute stress can lead to sleep disturbances: difficulty falling asleep, insomnia, night wakings or early awakenings. Because of the disturbed nights, tiredness increases and the stress level does not decrease. These sleep disturbances can reduce our overall quality of life as they can lead to lower productivity, increased accidents at work and affect long-term health (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and cancer). It is a vicious circle that leads to concentration difficulties and irritability in both adults and children.
of parents report a sleep disorder in their child (INSV/MGEN 2022)
Faced with these nocturnal disorders, consumers are looking for natural food supplements or products that are accessible to all members of the family. Sleep aids have multiplied in response to this demand.
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Lactium®, a natural and unique sleep aid

Lactium® is a milk protein hydrolysate that contains a bioactive decapeptide with relaxing properties, a-casozepine. This sleep aid was discovered by Ingredia in collaboration with the University of Nancy and has been helping consumers to better manage their sleep for over 15 years.

This natural bioactive is safe for all family members, including pregnant women and children, and has no side effects (no addiction, no sedation).
People with severe lactose intolerance can consume 7 to 12 g of lactose per day 2. Lactium® contains approximately 0.6% lactose. One 150 mg dose of Lactium® per day corresponds to 0.9 mg of lactose. Lactose intolerant people can therefore consume Lactium® without worrying about possible discomfort. This ingredient is already present in several food supplements and has never been reported.

*A.Marteau,PH.Marteau, Cah. Nutr.Diet., Hors Série,2005.Savaiano et al.Lactose 2006

Action 1: Lactium® reduces stress and improves sleep quality

Thanks to its mechanism of action at the central nervous system level, Lactium® reduces stress-related symptoms (insomnia, nights waking…) and helps you cope with occasional (exams, smoking cessation...) and daily stress (stomach aches, anxiety, loss of appetite...). As a result, Lactium® improves nights and helps people falling asleep. This sleep aid has shown the same effects as molecules acting on the benzodiazepine (BZD) site of the GABAA receptor in the brain.

In order to take care of your health, it is also recommended to have a balanced diet and to practice regular physical activity in parallel with the intake of a food supplement containing Lactium®. Lactium® helps to better manage sleep disorders, the consumer is less psychologically tired and the sleep time is extended, favouring the body's recovery time.

Action 2: Lactium® reduces the action of cortisol

Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, allows the body to react to a stressful situation. Cortisol also plays a role in the normal functioning of the body and in sleep management. Over a 24-hour cycle, cortisol secretion varies during the day. It is at its highest in the morning and allows the body to wake up full of energy (between 6am and 8am). Cortisol then decreases throughout the day.

When a person is stressed, his cortisol level remains high and impacts the quality of sleep. It causes insomnia or difficulties falling asleep. Lactium®, thanks to its relaxing effects, it’s a sleep aid which reduces the secretion of cortisol and helps you fall asleep. It is an effective solution to improve your health in the long term.
8 out of 10 consumers are satisfied with Lactium®
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A clinically proven natural ingredient

Lactium® was discovered by observing the calm and sleepy state in which infants find themselves after drinking milk. The bioactive is the result of more than 10 years of research and development!

9 clinical studies, carried out between 1999 and 2018 on more than 500 adults, have proven the effects of Lactium®. 2 of them concern the improvement of sleep quality.
Proven effects on increasing sleep time
Sleep efficiency graph with Lactium
Lactium® increases sleep time by +9.7% (37.4 min)
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Proven effects on sleep efficiency: ratio of total time spent sleeping to total time in bed
Sleep efficiency graph with Lactium
(A) measured with a sleep programme; (B) measured with an actigraph.**p<0.001 ; *p<0.05 (Lactium® VS placebo)
Lactium® improves sleep patterns by significantly increasing perceived sleep time and sleep efficiency.
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300mg /day
for 30 days

Galenic forms

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Lactium®, an ingredient known and recognized throughout the world

Drapeau Etats-Unis
“helps improve the quality of sleep ”
Drapeau Etats-Unis
"helps reduce stress so you can fall asleep faster"
Drapeau Etats-Unis
“helps you sleep longer due to stress reduction”
Drapeau Etats-Unis
“helps promote a healthy calming sleep due to stress reduction”
Drapeau Corée du sud
South Korea
“May help to improve sleep”

Lactium®, a natural and certified ingredient

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Clean label
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Made in France
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Suitable for people with lactose intolerance