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Bone health

Osteum®, a bioactive peptide with one of the highest CPP content on the market for your bones.

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fractures are due to osteoporosis every year in the world.
As the world population has been ageing fast over the last three decades, the incidence of fracture has increased significantly. Osteoporosis, a bone disease characterized by a reduction in bone strength, affects one in five men and one in three women after 50 years old. Globally, over 200 million women are affected by osteoporosis.

However, looking after one’s bone health is not just for the elderly:
– Children and teenagers: Reach full genetic potential with a maximized bone mass.
– Adults: Avoid premature bone loss and maintain a healthy skeleton.
– Seniors: Prevent osteoporosis.

To preserve and maintain your bone health, it's important to absorb all life long enough calcium.
Calcium is the most important nutrient in building and maintaining one’s skeleton: 99% of our body’s calcium is in our bones!¹

¹ International Osteoporosis Foundation, 2019
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Osteum® CPP, a natural solution for your bone health
What is a CPP?
Casein phosphopeptides (CPP) are phosphorous-rich peptides derived from milk and known for the part they play in mineral absorption such as calcium or zinc. CPP are well-known to keep minerals soluble and bioavailable during digestion.

What is Osteum® CPP?
Osteum® CPP is a casein hydrolysate from milk. It is produced from 100% cow milk micellar casein.
This bioactive peptide contains more than 80% protein and provides one of the highest CPP content on the market with a 35% rate.
Osteum® CPP is an active dairy ingredient designed to improve overall bone health and adapted for each stage of your consumers’ life:
- Children (0 - 20 years old): to serve optimal bone growth and build a strong bone capital for their whole life.
- Pregnant and breastfeeding women: these periods are calcium demanding for both mothers and babies. A crux moment for supplementation.
 -Postmenopausal women: the hormonal processes of menopause are prone to trigger bone loss, also known as osteopenia.
- Seniors: directly concerned by osteoporosis, a degenerative bone disease, they want to stay active for as long as possible.

A clinically proven natural ingredient for your health
Proven effectiveness in strengthening bones
This study has demonstrated a significative improvement of bone mineral density in ovariectomized
rats supplemented with calcium+CPP vs. ovariectomized rats supplemented with calcium only. It demonstrates a supplementation with CPP improves bone mineralization.
Osteum® CPP effect has been evaluated with an in vitro study (intestinal cells model):
- Control: blank digestion (db) + calcium
- Osteum CPP + calcium
With our bioactive peptide called Osteum® CPP, a calcium absorption superior to the control can be
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Between  400mg et 1g 

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Osteum® CPP, a natural and certified ingredient

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