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Blood sugar management

Pep2Dia®, the natural solution to help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
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1 adult in 10
suffers from diabetes worldwide (IDF, 2021).
In 2021, 541 million people were at risk of developing type 2 diabetes¹.
More and more people are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes due to several factors. Overweight, genetics, age, hypertension, can put a strain on one’s normal sugar metabolism, with a risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the long term. Type 2 diabetes is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia, i.e. too much sugar in blood and therefore too high a blood sugar level. A chronic and non-reversible disease, due to carbohydrates-rich food’s excessive consumption, type 2 diabetes can have serious consequences on health: it can affect the body such as eyes, kidneys, feet, cause heart conditions or strokes.
A healthy lifestyle is the first barrier against those disturbances of glycemic health. Keeping an eye on one’s weight, having balanced and fiber-rich meals, keeping regular physical activity, and now taking food supplements including Pep2Dia®, enable to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. People have unique and easy-to-use solutions that help them better control their glycemic health.

¹ IDF Atlas 2021
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Pep2Dia®, a patented bioactive ingredient that helps regulate blood sugar levels after meals

Milk products’ consumption has long been known to help maintain a healthy glycemia. Seeking to understand which milk components could be involved, French researchers from University of La Rochelle (CNRS) and Ingredia have partnered to isolate an active alanine-proline dipeptide, with an inhibitor effect on α-glucosidase enzyme.
Alpha-glucosidase enzyme acts in the intestinal tract and has a mission of breaking down complex carbohydrates contained in food into glucose. By inhibiting this enzyme’s action, carbohydrates’ transformation into glucose is slowed down, which limits the increase of blood sugar levels (or glycemia) after meals. This helps relieve the body from the fatigue of managing blood sugar levels peaks and drops, and helps curb cravings.
Pep2Dia® is a unique and patented whey protein hydrolysate, containing the AP bioactive dipeptide. Clinical studies have shown its ability to regulate blood sugar levels after meals. Pep2Dia® is an easy, everyday solution for consumers who want to improve their blood sugar management. It is aimed at people who actively look after their health and want to maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout their lives.

Pep2Dia®, a soluble protein hydrolysate made in France

This soluble protein hydrolysate has been manufactured in France in our Saint-pol-sur-ternoise factory since 2017. The raw material comes from our dairy cooperative, which is committed to the environment and advocates milk proteins made in France.
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Scientifically proven efficacy

Pre-clinical and clinical studies have proven the efficacy of Pep2Dia® in the reduction of blood sugar levels after meals.
A study that proves Pep2Dia®’s effects on reducing blood sugar levels
The study shows the following effects: Pep2Dia® enables a significant reduction of postprandial glycemia (blood sugar levels after meals) at a level of 21 %, and this, without acting on insulin secretion increase.
Area under the curve corrected by baseline (iAUC)
Graphique sur la réduction de la glycemie grâce à pep2diaRead the article
Proven effect on reducing blood sugar levels
Hemoglobin graph
The study shows the following effects: Pep2Dia® reduces the glycated hemoglobin rate (HbA1c*) after 6 weeks of supplementation. It therefore helps maintain heatlhy blood sugar levels

*HbA1c enables to evaluate blood sugar levels over a long period of time.
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The recommended dose for Pep2Dia® is:
twice a day
It is recommended to take Pep2Dia® for at least 6 weeks.
It must be taken before meals

Galenic forms

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Gélules blanche
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Pep2Dia®, an ingredient well known and recognized throughout the world

Pep2Dia® is classified as non-novel food in Europe. It is approved by MAPA and ANVISA in Brazil.

In the US, it is NDI approved and has 2 structure/function claims:
Drapeau Etats-Unis
“Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels after meals”
Drapeau Etats-Unis
“Helps to support healthy blood sugar levels”

Pep2dia®, a natural and certified ingredient

Icone clean label
Clean label
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Icone Kasher noir
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Made in France
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Suitable for lactose intolerant people
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