Publié le 04/03/2022

8 out of 10 consumers satisfied with Lactium®!

After 9 clinical studies involving over 500 people, we decided to address a key objective for all our customers: consumer satisfaction.

Over the past year :

  • We recruited 300 people worldwide, in 3 distinct regions - USA, France and China.
  • We applied the strict methodology of validated questionnaires, and partnered with BioMérieux for their recognized expertise in the field,
  • We had these 300 people test Lactium® at 300mg/day for 30 days, either as an indication of stress, or for sleep disorders.

The results are in, and we're proud to announce an overall satisfaction rate

of 78%, broken down into :

  • 78% for the stress indication
  • and 77% for sleep disorders.
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