Vitafoods - Geneva 2024

Publié le 11/03/2024

With Ingredia Health, successfully support your consumers self-care routine!

We will be present at Vitafoods in Geneva, on May 14-16, 2024.

We hope you will be numerous to visit our Booth #G38 to discover our new innovative concepts!

In 2024, mental well-being and sound sleep are still central stage in self-care trends.

Consumers still pay great attention to their mental health as shows a market growing at a +8% rate vs last year*. Attention to quality of sleep, not only for its impact on mental health but also on immunity boosting is high among consumers, and sleep-tech start-ups flourish. The market of sleep aid supplements has grown at a +6% pace in 5 year-CAGR*.

To step up their stress-relief routine, your consumers can count on Lactium® and its 9 clinical studies on more than 500 volunteers. Lactium®’s efficacy in stress and sleep is praised by 8 consumers in 10 around the world, as shown in our latest consumer study.

Lactium®: a natural ingredient to help manage stress and sleep disorders

With no addiction or side effects, this natural milk protein hydrolysate contains a bioactive peptide with relaxing properties called alpha-casozepine. In 2021, a consumer satisfaction study on 338 volunteers also showed an overall 78% satisfaction, quite evenly split in 78% for action on moderate stress and 77% for action on sleep disturbances.

Eat well and do not exhaust unnecessarily your body…

With a +50% growth in product launches** and 30% of consumers willing to address their blood sugar health in the coming 12 months***, the glucose metabolic health is also a growing topic. Our sedentary way of life, lack of physical activity and consumption of unhealthy food is paving the way for type 2 diabetes and consciousness about it is rising. Biohackers and sports addicts use glucometers to closely monitor their glycemia in an unprecedented way.

Pep2dia® with its inhibition of alpha-glucosidase and ability to limit the transformation of complex sugars into simple ones, smoothes sugar spikes after meals. Sugar crashes and associated fatigue is reduced, for an enhanced vitality.

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